Purchased Power Adjustments

If the cost of energy is increased or decreased by our supplier due to a change in the base an appropriate adjustment shall be made for the sales of energy to each customer as approved by the Bozrah Utilities Commission.

The current Purchased Power Adjustment applicable for all rates is $0.06017/kWh.

Purchased Power Adjustment Increase Effective July 2017

Effective on your July 2017 bill the Purchased Power Adjustment (PPA) has been increased from $0.05017 to $0.06017 per kWh. The PPA has not changed since January 2015. What this means for the average residential household using 700 kWh –  an increase of $7.00 per month, approximately 6%.

This increase in PPA is due to higher cost of reliable wholesale power purchases for the coming year. Even with this increase, BL&P power costs remain among the lowest in the area.  Please know that, as in the past, we are continually working to provide you with the highest reliability at the lowest possible costs.