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About Electric Operations

Electric Operations personnel are committed to providing all of our customers with excellent service. Our team of linemen, electricians, project managers and meter technicians are skilled, dedicated and motivated. The mission of the Electric Operations Department is to provide our customers with high quality and reliable power. Electric Operations personnel are ready to serve both night and day, good weather or bad. Reliability, or keeping the power flowing is our goal and service that is second to none.

Tours of Groton Utilities’ Electric Facilities

Tours of Groton Utilities Electrical Facilities are available by appointment for GU customers. Tours include a walk through of the Electric Operations Building, Buddington Substation and Trials Corner Substation. Also included in the tour are a question and answer period on how electricity is distributed throughout the GU territory. Other topics discussed are electrical safety, transformer theory and generation. This is an excellent program for Girls and Boy Scout troops. Please contact Brian J. Roche @ 860.446.4000 for details.