Resident Home Energy Savings Program

Groton Utilities residential Home Energy Savings Program, subsidized in part by a State of Connecticut grant, provides a comprehensive in-home energy assessment service for your dwelling which may include the following services:

Air Sealing to prevent drafts and leaks in the house Duct testing and sealing Installation of low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators to save water Rebates for replacement of certain inefficient appliances with qualifying energy-efficient models Installation of energy-efficient compact florescent light bulbs and Incentives for insulation upgrades

Obtaining this service is easy and simple by calling Groton Utilities contractor Competitive Resources Corporation (CRI) to arrange an in-home appointment convenient to you, call toll-free 1-888-403-3500

Eligibility Requirements:

All Residential electric customers of Groton Utilities and Bozrah Light & Power are entitled to this service, cost dependant on the dwelling’s heat energy source.

Program Process:

  1. Read attached letter dependant your type of dwelling heat: propane, oil, or electric.
  2. Call Competitive Resources Corporation CRI to arrange an in home appointment toll-free at 1.888.403.3500.
  3. CRI assesses your dwellings energy use, installs conservation devices, and explains additional energy conservation incentives you may be entitled to.
  4. CRI arranges additional energy conservation incentives if appropriate.
  5. Installation is completed at the Customer’s residence.
Groton Utilities and Bozrah Light & Power Electric Heat Home Energy Savings Program Letter