Update (7:21 p.m.)

All power has been restored in the Bozrah service area.

Update (1:12 p.m.)

Bozrah Area Outage Update – The Cottage Lane area remains without power. Restoration efforts will pick up once the weather subsides. Scott Hill Road wires that were down have been repaired and power restored in that area.

Update (9:50 a.m.)

Bozrah Area Outage – There is a power outage on Cottage Lane in Oakdale. Crews have been dispatched to the site and will make repairs pending weather conditions.

Update (9:26 a.m.)

The power outage in the Nautilus Park area has been repaired. If you are still having trouble with your power check your main breaker and then give us a call at 860-446-4000 if you are still without power.

Outage (9:02 a.m.)

There is a power outage in the Nautilus Park area. Crews are currently responding to the outage. Repairs will commence pending weather conditions.