Free Solar Energy Financial Evaluation

  • Thinking about solar, but not sure you can afford the investment?Sun Icon
  • Wondering if you will get a good return on your solar investment?
  • Are solar vendors overwhelming you with offers they claim are too good to pass up?
  • How do you compare a vendor’s proposal to another’s?
  • Trying to balance the contractor’s proposal with Groton Utilities standard tariff?

Groton Utilities has the best way for you to get the answer to all your solar investment questions. What you need is an unbiased, third party, Solar Energy Financial Evaluation. Groton Utilities has arranged for an independent consultant to help you get all the right answers about your potential solar investment. And it’s FREE!

Most importantly, the evaluation results will be confidential. The results will not be shared with Groton Utilities unless you, the customer, want to provide Groton Utilities with the results.

Groton Utilities wants you to make the best financial decision when it comes to investing in solar. The investment in a solar system can be substantial – a nice way to say expensive – so it is important that you review all the information before making the right decision for you.

If you are ready to start an evaluation, click here (Free Solar Energy Evaluation) and you will be ready to start your FREE Solar Energy Financial Evaluation.

Power Outage Log 12/5/17

Update (9:12 pm.):

Power has been restored to the Midaway Oval, North Road and Groton Long Point areas.

Update (8:57 pm.):

Tree branches slapping the power lines and losing branches are believed to be the cause of the 7 p.m. outage. A branch was found across the wires in the Groton Long Point area.

Crews are patrolling the area and will be removing the branch. We expect the power to be restored before 10 p.m.

Outage (8:07 p.m.):

Groton Utilities is currently experiencing an electrical outage. The Midway Oval and Groton Long Point areas are affected. Linemen are patrolling the areas to find the cause and will then proceed with repairs.