Tropical Storm Henri Outage Log

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Henri:

Update (8/23/21 8:51 AM):

After a long day of hard work our electric linemen restored power to the last area hit by the storm a bit after midnight last night. Our crews deserve a lot of gratitude for sure, but so do all the customers in our service territory. Everyone did a great job staying inside during the storm, staying away from downed power lines, reporting outages and understanding that power restoration work takes time. Your patience is always greatly appreciated and it allows us to do our job to the best of our abilities.
Whenever there is a storm we take great pride in being able to restore power within 24 hours, or same day depending on when the storm hits. While we have fully restored power to the service territory we most definitely want to hear from you if you are somehow still without power. If that is the case please call Customer Service at 860-446-4000 and we will get things going in the right direction. Thanks again and stay safe.

Update (8:22 PM):

Lestertown Road and Jupiter Point Road area (including Avery Point) have had their power restored. We are currently working on restoring power to Poquonnock Road, which may take the rest of the evening.

Update (6:15 PM):

Electric line crews are out in the field determined to finish all remaining repair work by midnight tonight. Please be patient as we move our way toward full restoration. Check back for updates.

Update (4:38 PM):

Power has been restored to Gales Ferry Road and the Big Y Plaza.

Much of the town has had power restored at this point. Below is a list of areas that have yet to have power restored:

  • 683 – 842 Poquonnock Road, including Village Lane, Ginger Drive and Lorraine Road.
  • Avery Point Campus.
  • 661 – 1010 Shennecossett Road, including Bakers Cove Lane, Jupiter Point Road, Pine Island Road and Bayberry Lane.
  • Lestertown Road.

Crews are continuing their restoration efforts.

Update (3:45 PM):

Groton-New London Airport area has had power restored except for Poquonnock Road between Johl Drive and the intersection near Dunkin. That last area will take more extensive work.

Update (3:03):

  • Wayne Road is back up
  • Groton Long Point Power has been restored
  • Gales Ferry Road is being worked on now. Could be soon.
  • About to work on getting part of Groton-New London Airport area back up. Maybe in an hour.

Update (2:39 PM) – Bozrah Light and Power:

Power has been restored to the Noble Hill Road area.

Update (1:42 PM):

Power restoration work has begun. Approximately 80% of Eastern Point has had their power restored as of 1:20 PM. Power remains out for the area of Avery Point to Thomas Road. Crews are working on restoring power in a couple of areas and we hope to have more good news soon.

Update (12:39 PM) – Bozrah Light and Power:

Noble Hill Road area has no power. Crews are on the scene to make the area safe. Repairs will begin once the wind dies down.

Update (11:55 AM):

Outage Summary for Groton Utilities Territory:

  • Eastern Point – 2,295 customers
  • Groton Long Point – 758 customers
  • Groton/New London Airport area – 564 customers
  • Lestertown Road area – customer count unavailable
  • Gales Ferry Road area – customer count unavailable
  • Mumford Road area – partial power – customer count unavailable

Update (11:33 AM):

Groton Long Point outage has affected 758 customers. Eastern Point outage has left 2295 customers without power.

Update (11:27 AM) – Bozrah Light and Power:

There is currently an outage on Hough Road. Crews are onsite to make the area safe.

Update (11:17 AM):

Eastern Point area is without power from the Pfizer area south, through Plant Street, Eastern Point Beach, UConn.

11:03 AM:

Outage Update: Groton Long Point is without power due to tree falling on a power line. Lestertown Road area without power due to tree taking down two power lines. We will make the area safe – stay away from downed power lines. Gales Ferry Road is having intermittent power due to tree on a power line. Mumford Cove has partial power due to a fallen tree.
Winds have reached a point where it is too dangerous to make repairs until after wind subsides. We will make areas safe where live lines have fallen. Please stay away from downed power lines.

10:31 AM:

GU crews are checking out a couple of small outages in the territory – Gales Ferry Road, Lestertown Road and Mumford Cove Road. As long as winds hold off we can have crews work on the problem.


If you experience an outage please contact:
Groton Utilities Customers 860-446-4000
Bozrah Light and Power Customers 860-889-7388

Storm Preparation

house in a stormWith Tropical Storm Henri approaching there are certain things that everyone can do to be as prepared as possible should a storm hit the region.

Prepare for a Storm:

  • Have candles and flashlights available for emergency light, and a battery-operated radio for weather reports and other information. Make sure you have matches and fresh batteries, too.
  • Create an emergency kit with essential items such as food, water and communication devices. It should include non-perishable food, water bottles, medicine and supplies. There should be enough items to survive at least 72 hours.
  • Perform any maintenance on your generator (if you have one) and fuel up. Go soon to beat the rush.
  • If you see that a major storm is coming be sure to charge all your cellphones and tablets as well as any backup batteries you may have.
  • Please note: Customers with special medical problems such as having oxygen requirements should have a backup plan.
  • Make sure you have plenty of drinking water.

During an outage:

  • If your power suddenly shuts off, the main breaker in your electrical breaker box may have tripped. You can restore power simply by moving the switch to “off,” then back to the “on” position. Check your fuses, too, if you have them.
  • If your area is without power, or you see any downed wires, call Groton Utilities at (860) 446-4000. Call us if you see damage to electrical equipment, or anything out of the ordinary such as trees or branches on wires. Do not go near any wires. Downed wires can be very dangerous.
  • Keep refrigerators and freezers closed. Contents should be safe for at least 24 hours. Turn off your appliances. When power is restored, turn them back on gradually.
  • Don’t worry. We respond to outages as soon as it is safe and continue to work until all customers have power. Once you’ve called, please resist the temptation to call back. However, if your neighbors have their electricity back and you’re still out, you should call again. In the case of a full hurricane, your patience would certainly be most appreciated.

For more information see the State of Connecticut Guide to Emergency Preparation.


Barbara Frucht and Beatrice Jennette Awarded Community Service Awards

Barbara Frucht and Beatrice Jennette were both awarded the Groton Utilities Jacqueline B. Nixon Community Service Award during a ceremony at Groton City Day on Friday, August 6th in Washington Park. The award is given out annually to a member of the City of Groton community who exemplifies GU’s slogan of “Giving Back to the Community”. Due to the cancellation of last year’s City Day both the 2020 and 2021 awards were awarded this year.

2021 award winner Barbara Frucht (left) and 2020 winner Beatrice Jennette (right)

As part of winning this honor Groton Utilities presented a check for $1,000 to the Bill Memorial Library in the name of Barbara Frucht, and another check for $1,000 to the S.T.E.P.S. program in the name of Beatrice Jennette.

Beatrice Jennette, the 2020 Community Service Award winner, founded the non­profit, S.T.E.P.S. (Striving Toward Empowering Personal Success) Program in 2007. Beatrice felt that girls in the local community were falling through the cracks and that S.T.E.P.S. could help them build a better life.

Over the years, S.T.E.P.S. has worked with and guided nearly 1000 girls in Groton middle and high schools and eventually in New London and Norwich. S.T.E.P.S. after-school curriculum is a combination of mentoring, life skills training and relevant age appropriate workshops. Many of the former program attendees are now young women enrolled in college who have returned to participate and mentor the younger girls. If not for S.T.E.P.S. many young women may have taken a different path in life.

Barbara Frucht, the 2021 Community Service Award winner, has tirelessly served the City of Groton for the past thirty-five years through various roles.

In 1985 Barbara was appointed to serve as an alternate member on the Zoning Board of Appeals. Barbara was the elected City Treasurer from 1995-1997, and the elected City Clerk from 1997-1999. At completion of her term Barbara was reappointed as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Barbara volunteers with the Winter Wonderland and actively served with Little League, Farm League and the Babe Ruth League at Washington Park. She worked at the Eastern Point Beach Gatehouse from 2005-2009 and as a crossing guard for the City of Groton Police Department. Barbara has served on the Board of Trustees at the Bill Memorial Library since 2004 where she was elected President and currently serves as Vice-President.

Groton Utilities is pleased to present this award to these deserving citizens for giving back to our community selflessly, sincerely, willingly and with great pride.

Groton Utilities named the award, The Jacqueline B. Nixon Community Service Award, to commemorate Mrs. Nixon’s service to her community. Jackie, as she was known to most, gave back to the community in many ways, including operating a food pantry in her residence for 24 years. She distributed food on a regular basis to many needy families. Jackie passed away July 6, 2004 after a brief battle with cancer. Groton Utilities created the award in 2004 during its 100th anniversary year.

Earle A. Williams was the recipient of the first annual Jacqueline B. Nixon Community Service Award. Other winners of the award are: Robert Leeney, Mimi Orkney, Lillian Hansen, Sarah Stanley, William Welsh, Jr., Alfred Restivo, Robert Austin LaFrance, Archie C. Swindell, Mildred Carlson, Lian Obrey, James Streeter, Charlie Ebbinghaus, Marcia Gipstein, Martin Cloudas and Timothy LeHouillier.