Weekend Snow Storm

Groton Utilities is tracking and preparing for a significant nor’easter that looks like it will dump a substantial amount of snow on southeastern Connecticut. As always we will be prepared for any eventually and will restore power outages as soon as it is safe to do so.

It is always best to be prepared. Here are a few storm preparation tips that will help keep you safe and secure:

  • Stay off the roads throughout the storm.
  • If you have to leave house stay away from any downed wires you may encounter outside your home and on the roads.
  • Make an emergency kit for at least three days of self-sufficiency. Make sure you have plenty of water.
  • Never use a generator inside your home. Locate unit away from doors, windows and vents that could allow carbon monoxide to come indoors. Keep at least 20 feet from doors, windows, and vents.
  • Exposed water pipes sometimes freeze and burst due to exposure to cold weather. Make sure you know where the water shut off is in your home.
  • Charge up your mobile devices and replace batteries in flashlights.

To report an outage call Groton Utilities at 860-446-4000.


Stay Safe, Stay Home and Pay Online

Pay OnlineWhile we love to see your smiling faces, the health and well-being of our customers, employees, and communities is our top priority. We strongly recommend not visiting the Customer Service office. There are many ways to pay your bill without coming into the office, most of them much easier than paying us a visit – read more about it in our handy Ways to Pay section of our website.

Payment methods include:

If you have any questions or need assistance of any kind simply call our Customer Service group at 860-446-4000. If you’ve never paid online and you want assistance setting it up just give us a call and we can help you through the process.