Big Y World Class Market Energy Rebate

On Thursday June 6th Groton Utilities presented the Big Y World Class Market of Groton, CT with a rebate check in the amount of $98,505 as part of their energy conservation program. Groton Utilities encourages customers and businesses to embrace energy conservation and offer a number of rebate programs to assist customers and businesses in making the switch to energy-conscience technologies.

At the presentation were (from left to right) Gary Dziekan (Big Y Assistant Store Director), Kathy Guertin (Big Y Operations SMM), Rick Bossie (Big Y SVP of Operations and Customer Experience), Ron Gaudet (Groton Utilities Director), Keith Hedrick (Mayor, City of Groton) and Mark Biron (GM Operations Water and Electric).

As part of their continuing efforts in energy conservation Big Y began a renovation in January that, among other upgrades, changed out all of their open refrigerators with energy efficient refrigerators with LED lights and doors. These refrigerators are used primarily to cool items such as dairy products, cold cuts and beer. In this way Big Y can save energy by using more efficient lighting as well as see a big savings with the use of registration units with doors, preventing the refrigerated air from escaping out into the rest of the store.

Groton Utilities, as part of their energy conservation program, gave this rebate after Big Y spent nearly $305,000 on the project. As a result of the upgrades Big Y will use 571,430 less kilowatt hours of electricity a year, saving them approximately $75,000 a year on their electric bill.

Big Y is one of the largest independently owned supermarket chains in New England, with nearly 80 stores spread throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut. Big Ys headquarters is located in Springfield, Massachusetts. The Groton location opened in October, 2004 and just finished its latest renovation this past May.

Groton Utilities offers residential and business customers a variety of energy conservation programs to help reduce energy costs. These programs are designed to help people reduce energy costs by promoting the installation of more energy efficient lighting, air conditioning, heat pump water heaters, electric motors, and refrigeration solutions.

In addition to these programs Groton Utilities has started a pilot rebate program for the acquisition of plug in electric cars and level 2 chargers. Read more about Groton Utilities energy conservation programs on the company website ( under the Energy Conservation section.

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