Considering Going Solar? Here is a handy check list

Are you considering installing solar panels on your roof? Groton Utilities urges you to ask your contractor the following 15 questions to ensure you are making an informed decision.

  • What retail rate do you use in your calculation?
  • What is the current retail rate of my provider?
  • What escalation rate do you use in your retail rate projection over the next twenty years?
  • What is the basis for that retail rate escalation?
  • What has been the actual last five, ten, twenty year escalation retail rate?
  • What guarantee are you willing to provide in case the actual retail escalation rate / retail rate is less than you project?
  • My utility provider may change the rate structure in the future, assigning a higher fixed cost than you project, who is responsible for the higher fixed cost?
  • What assumptions on net metering do you have regarding the excess solar?
  • Does my utility use actual displaced cost in net metering, or do they use full retail, or other?
  • How does your solar rate compare to the actual displaced energy cost?
  • If I have to replace my roof, or do repair, who is responsible to remove, reinstall, and pay for the removal and reinstall, of the solar panels?
  • What is the cost to remove and reinstall the solar panels when I need a new roof?
  • What responsibilities for lost solar production sales from you do I have while the panels are removed, and until they are reinstalled?
  • If I want or need to sell my house, and the prospective buyer does not want the solar panels, who is responsible for the contract termination cost and panel removal?
  • What are my options if the prior scenario occurs?

If you have questions about solar, contact Groton Utilities at 860-446-4000

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