Discolored Water

The GU Water Division experienced unusually high demand Monday afternoon (August 3rd), necessitating the use of 2 booster pumps at our Gungywamp Pump Station, instead of 1 pump, as usual.  Although conditions were able to be restored to normal by 6:30 pm on August 3rd, this action stirred up the water in our system, from Gungywamp Rd., up through the Route 12 corridor, including side roads.  If you are experiencing discolored water, we recommend flushing the cold water at a moderate rate, starting with a bathtub faucet if possible, and once that runs clear, flushing the other faucets (cold water) in the house till they run clear also.  Once that has been done, we suggest removing the aerator from the end of each faucet and rinsing out any sediment that may have accumulated there. (We also recommend cleaning your aerators on a quarterly basis, as a good routine maintenance practice in your home)  If you have any questions, please call our customer service staff at (860) 446-4000.

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