Frequently Asked Questions

Our Customer Care representatives hear questions all the time. We are always happy to answer your questions in person, but we have provided this list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you still need help, please call us at 860.446.4000.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, money orders, debit cards, Visa, and MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Can I make payments online or over the phone?

We now take payments both online and over the phone.

Where are you located?

Our Customer Care Center is located at 295 Meridian Street in the City of Groton. For help finding us, try using our Google Maps or calling Customer Care at 860.446.4000.

What are your hours of business?

Walk-in Office Hours: M-Th: 8 am – 4 pm  Friday: Closed
Phone Hours: M-F: 7 am – 5:00 pm  SAT: 8 am – noon

Closed holiday – Holiday Closings.

What is the due date on the bill?

Payment is due upon request, or 15 days from the bill date (the grace period).

Can I put someone else’s name on my account?

Yes, you can. The individual will need to come into the office and supply a photo ID, Social Security Number, and signature on the Application for Service form.

What do I need to do to switch service into my name/How do I apply for service?

You will have to complete an Application for Service form and you will need to know or have on hand the items on the list below:

  • Copy of lease / proof of occupancy
  • Driver’s license (photo ID) / Passport
  • If required, the Meter Deposit must be paid at the time of service
  • Exact address for service, including apartment number
  • Previous address
  • Valid phone number
  • Employer information
  • Social Security Number

A new account fee will be billed when the account is established. Same day connection will be subject to additional fees. Click the link to view a copy of the Application for Service.

What is that other charge of $25.00 on my first bill?

The charge is a $25.00 connect fee; it is charged to all new service requests.

What do I need to do to make a payment agreement?

You must either come in to the office or call to discuss a payment arrangement. For help finding our office, try using Google Maps. Our Customer Care phone number is 860.446.4000.