Groton Utilities Issues Telephone Scam Alert

Groton Utilities has issued a telephone scam alert as some customers are currently receiving unsolicited telephone calls threatening to shut off their electricity. The callers are claiming to be the utility company and are “demanding” immediate payment or your service will be shut off.Scam Alert

We urge all Groton Utilities customers to call customer service at 860-446-4000 if they have any doubts about these types of calls. All calls of this sort will be responded to promptly as we are aware that there is a scam going around.

Groton Utilities will never disconnect a customer’s service without following our policies and procedures which insure a proper review of a customer’s account and reasonable opportunities to pay a delinquent account. If Groton Utilities contacts you directly, we will always identify ourselves at the outset of the telephone call as being specifically from Groton Utilities.

Groton Utilities recommends that you always ask for identification of any caller and their telephone numbers. You can always call us directly at our Customer Service Center at 860-446-4000 to confirm the legitimacy of any unsolicited calls to your residence or business.

Never give your personal financial information to anyone whom you do not know. This includes credit card numbers, social security numbers or bank account numbers.

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