Jacqueline B. Nixon Community Service Award Presented to Martin Cloudas

Martin Cloudas

Martin Cloudas is the recipient of the 2018 Jacqueline B. Nixon Community Service Award for his many years of “Giving Back to the Community”. The award was presented for the fifteenth time at the annual City of Groton Day celebration on August 3rd.

Groton Utilities presented a check for $1,000 to the Aluminum Falcon Robotics in his honor. The charitable donation from Groton Utilities is the symbol of the award.

The award recognizes Cloudas for his outstanding efforts over the years, especially for his roles as mentor, supporter, teacher, and counselor to the Fitch Senior High School robotics team, Team 2168:  the Aluminum Falcons.

Groton Utilities is pleased to present this award to this deserving citizen for giving back to our community selflessly, sincerely, willingly and with great pride.

Since 2015, his volunteer efforts, including his leadership position as president of the team’s booster organization, enhanced the business side of the team.  The new financial structure improved fund raising, giving the team the ability to attend more competitions.

The robotics team credits Cloudas as one of the largest contributors in spreading science, technology, engineering, and mathematics throughout the Groton Community.

“Martin has become a father away from home for the entire team,” the team members emphasized in its nominating application.  “His ability to communicate with students has produced a trust with students, inspiring them to fulfill themselves and become better people,” team states.

Groton Utilities named the award, The Jacqueline B. Nixon Community Service Award, to commemorate Mrs. Nixon’s service to her community. Jackie, as she was known to most, gave back to the community in many ways, including operating a food pantry in her residence for 24 years.  She distributed food on a regular basis to many needy families.  Jackie passed away July 6, 2004 after a brief battle with cancer.  Groton Utilities created the award in 2004 during its 100th anniversary year.

Earle A. Williams was the recipient of the first annual Jacqueline B. Nixon Community Service Award.  Other winners of the award are: Robert “Bob” Leeney, Mimi

Orkney, Lillian “Lil” Hansen, Sarah Stanley, William “Bill” Welsh, Jr., Alfred Restivo, Robert “Bob” Austin LaFrance, Archie C. Swindell, Mildred “Milly” Carlson, Lian Obrey, James “Jim” Streeter, Charlie Ebbinghaus, and Marcia Gipstein.

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