October 29th Power Outage Log

10/29 – Multiple Power Outages throughout town

Update (10/31 11:58 p.m.)

Efforts are currently being made to power-up portions of Litton Avenue tonight. Brandegee Avenue will temporarily lose power during this period. This will take a few hours. We greatly appreciate your patience while we restore power to this area.

Update (10/31 9:06 a.m.)

Crews will be working on Bridge Street power running wires across the roadway this morning and then will head to Litton Avenue to focus on getting power back to all customers in that area.

If you still do not have power outside of those areas please call Customer Service at 860-446-4000 so that we can assist you.

Update (6:28 p.m.)

Groton Long Point is being worked on now by repair crews. Trees and branches have been removed from lines and a new pole is getting placed.

Mumford Cove has had its power restored. Crews are patrolling Nautilus Park in Navy Housing for further issues.

Litton Avenue restoration is planned for first thing on Tuesday morning. All crews and trucks with tree crews will be there near 8AM, possibly earlier.

We will attempt to replace some single residential services this evening as time allows. Crews will be working upwards toward 11PM.

Update (4:31 p.m.)

Groton Long Point – Crews are currently working on restoring power and hope to have most customers back up by early evening

Hickory Drive/Navy Housing area – This area is currently without power. Crews will be attending to the situation soon and hope to have a resolution tonight.

Litton Avenue – Due to trees having taken down power lines and two cracked utility poles Litton Avenue will not have power restored until Tuesday.

Please be sure to check your main breaker if you do not have power in your home. Call Groton Utilities Customer Service at 860-446-4000 if you still do not have power.

Update (11:43 a.m.)

Power has been restored to Old Farm Road/Blueberry Hill Road. Crews will now work to repair Briar Hill Road.

Update (11:31 a.m.)

Power has been restored to all of Brandegee Avenue. Crews are now working on power restoration for the Old Farm Road area. The hope is for that area to have power by early afternoon. Groton Long Point and Litton Avenue are going to take a good portion of the day to restore.

Update (9:35 a.m.)

Power has been restored from Fort Hill Road down Depot Road and in that general area. Bridge Street/Mitchell Street area power restoration has taken longer than we thought but we still hope to have it up soon.

Update (8:26 a.m.)

The Bridge Street/Mitchell Street area should have it’s power restored soon. Current estimates are within the hour.

Update (8:23 a.m.)

Power has been restored to Navy Housing and the Route 117/North Road area. Thank you for your patience while we work at restoring power. We will continue to work throughout town until everyone has their power back.

Update (8:18 a.m.)

Briar Hill Road will be closed due to clearing of a tree on the power lines near the school. Electric Crews continue to patrol and make repairs.

Update (8:14 a.m.)

Portions of Navy Housing is without power due to a damaged utility pole and wires on the ground. We hope to have power restored to this area soon.

Route 117/North Road area – crews are onsite performing repairs and hope to have power restored soon.

Groton Long Point is without power due to pole damage. Crews are currently assessing the situation. No time estimate to restoration.

There are several other smaller outages throughout town that we will be attending to. We appreciate your patience as we recover from this dangerous storm.

Update (8:10 a.m.)

The Litton Avenue/Rainville Avenue area is without power due to multiple fallen trees and a damaged utility pole. Crews are onsite working to restore power, but it’s going to be a while due to all the damage. No estimated time to restoration.

Bridge Street/Mitchell Street area is without power due to a damaged utility pole. No estimate on time to power restoration.

Update (5:32 a.m.)

Groton Utilities crews are currently working to restore power to Branford Manor and Groton Estates. Additionally, a very large tree is down on the wires on Litton Avenue. Electric crews will be working to make it safe for city crews to cut the tree away.

Update (9:36 p.m.)

Due to high winds there are multiple power outages in the Groton Utilities service area. Groton Long Point and the Bailey Hill area are without power. We will be bringing in personnel to assess the situation and to make repairs once the high winds subside. We hope to begin repairs soon but safety is always are #1 priority.

Power Outage (8:02 p.m.)

There is an electrical issue in the Hazelnut Hill area. Heavy rain is causing issues. Crews are onsite working on the problem.


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