Osprey Have a Home at GU

OspreyThe Groton Utilities Operations Complex on Poquonnock Road has a thriving osprey population that employees are prideful of. These fish hawks (also known as sea hawks or river hawks) generally migrate back to our ground mid-March each year. Our Watershed Patrol and Surveillance group, together with the Water Treatment Plant and Water Laboratory staff have monitored and tracked their arrival for the past 30 years. The osprey stay until the fall, at which point they head south for the winter – ranging from the southern United States through Argentina. Throughout the active season Watershed Patrol and Surveillance monitor and report to Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and Connecticut Bird Atlas (http://ctbirdatlas.org) on their status and the juvenile activity.

Groton Utilities is mindful of the osprey population and its safety and migratory habits. GU recently completed construction of a new water treatment plant, and want to ensure osprey have a place to settle in for the warm weather season. With this in mind last year GU Watershed and Electric divisions worked together to erect six (6) utility poles outfitted with custom platforms throughout the watershed and service area to provide safe nesting sites for the birds. GU tries to limit animal and bird access to electric systems for their safety, as well as to limit animal-related power outages.

We are happy to say that the osprey took immediately to their new perches and we hope they enjoy their time on Groton Utilities grounds for years to come.

osprey perch construction

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