Water Operations

Groton Utilities is dedicated to providing clean, safe drinking water to the residences and businesses of Groton for many generations to come. We are committed to consistently providing quality services and quality of life to all who live, work and visit Groton.

Groton Utilities is active in our community in many ways. We conduct educational sessions in public schools, participate in community activities like City Day, offer tours at our Water Treatment Plant, and are active in the Groton Division of the Association of Chambers of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut of Southeastern Connecticut.

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis many of our outreach programs are on hold. Once the crisis has passed or we have reached a level of safety that allows it we will return to our normal amount of community outreach and educational programs.

Current Water Rates
COVID-19 and Our Water Supply

Water Tower


Groton Utilities Water Department offers a number of services to help serve the community better

Construction Services
Cross Connection Inspection
Project Management


PFAS Information

Water Faucet Black Residue
Water Source Protection Measures
Water Conservation Tips
Watershed Inspections

Eel Abatement Program
National Drinking Water Week

Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant flushing is done annually to remove any sediment that may accumulate in low flow areas of our water distribution system. This operation maintains the overall excellent water quality in our distribution system and ensures that each fire hydrant operates properly. Customers may notice lower water pressure and a slight discoloration of water as flushing is performed in your area. This discoloration is not harmful and will clear up if you let the water run a few extra minutes.

2021 Hydrant Flushing Schedule



Groton Utilities believes that today’s children are tomorrow’s customers. Education is the key to making our children better citizens and, in our case, better, wiser customers. Our Water Division personnel conduct classes on water quality throughout the year.

In-School Programs

Groton Utilities supports local schools with educational opportunities:

  • Facility Tours
  • Job Shadowing
  • Equipment
  • Training
  • Internship(s)
  • In-school Programs
  • Collaborative Programs
  • Resource sharing

*These programs are currently on-hold due to health crisis

Current Involvement

Current Participatory Schools/organizations:

  • Groton School System
  • Ledyard School System
  • Ella Grasso Tech
  • United States Coast Guard Academy
  • University of New Haven
  • Various home-school programs
  • Scouts
  • Individuals

*These programs are currently on-hold due to health crisis



2019 Walker Hill Tank Replacement:


Water Quality Reports:



Due to construction activity and the COVID-19 health crisis we have temporarily suspended tours of our Water Treatment Facility.