Commercial Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Program

Groton Utilities commercial air conditioning/heat pump program provides cash incentives for new or replacement roof-top, split systems, terminal A/C units, and heat pumps that meet or exceed program efficiency standards.

Obtaining these cash incentives is easy and simple with Groton Utilities simple to follow rebate application forms. For a simple “how-to obtain” available commercial air conditioning/heat pump rebates follow the steps as outlined in the “Program Process” below.

Eligibility Requirements:

All Commercial & Industrial electric customers of Groton Utilities and Bozrah Light & Power who contribute to the Energy Efficiency Fund.

Program Process:

Due to possible funding constraints, all rebate applications must be pre-approved before purchasing any equipment.

  1. Review eligibility requirements to ensure that all requirements can be met.
  2. Customer purchases qualifying HVAC equipment. Qualifying equipment is installed.
    (Demand Side Management: Groton Utilities reserves the right to install demand side management equipment on all HVAC equipment that receive a rebate.)
  3. Customer completes the Rebate Application Form, includes proof of purchase and sends to Groton Utilities for approval.
  4. Groton Utilities performs a post-inspection (at its discretion).
  5. Rebate check is mailed to customer.
Commercial Air Conditioning/Heat Pump Rebate Application