Spring 2021 Rebate Promotion

Groton Utilities believes in “Efficiency through Electrification” and wants to help electrify your life!

With that in mind, Groton Utilities is happy to announce our springtime rebate promotion – dramatically increasing our available rebates for Electric Vehicles, HVAC Mini-Splits and Hybrid Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters.

A number of electric products are much more energy efficient and climate friendly than their traditional counterparts and Groton Utilities’ goal is to help ease the financial burden of equipment acquisition for our customers.

Learn more about our spring promotions or visit our Rebate Center.


Electric Vehicles:

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a great way to save money while saving the environment. Imagine never having to buy gasoline for your car ever again. Plus EVs produce far fewer emissions that contribute to climate change and smog than conventional vehicles.

Spring Promotion – all rebates doubled

  • All Electric purchase – SPECIAL PROMOTION $4,000
  • All Electric lease – SPECIAL PROMOTION $2,000
  • Plugin Hybrid vehicle purchase – SPECIAL PROMOTION $2,000


HVAC Mini-Splits:

Mini-splits are heating and cooling systems that allow you to control temperatures in individual rooms through use of an external compressor. Groton Utilities residential HVAC Mini-Splits rebate program provides cash incentives for new or replacement energy efficient mini-split HVAC systems that meet high efficiency standards.

Spring Promotion:

  • Full cost of compressor equipment (installation not included) up to a maximum of $5,000 per compressor.


Hybrid Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters:

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calculates that a family of four will spend $330 less on hot water every year by switching to a Heat Pump Hot Water Heater from a conventional electric unit. Groton Utilities residential hybrid heat pump water heater rebate program provides cash incentives for new or replacement energy efficient heat pump water heaters that meet high efficiency standards.

Spring Promotion:

  • Full cost of the equipment (installation not included) up to a maximum of $2,500.


Eligibility Requirements:

Only residential electric customers of Groton Utilities and Bozrah Light & Power are eligible. Mini-splits and hybrid heat pump water heater must be installed by a licensed contractor. Limit of one rebate per electric utility account per rebate type per year. Proof of purchase and installation (if applicable) is required. See website at https://grotonutilities.com/energy-conservation/conservation-residential-energy-conservation-center/ for complete eligibility requirements.

All rebates are granted at the sole discretion of Groton Utilities and are subject to change at any time.




Rebates and Tax Credits Make Buying an Electric Vehicle More Affordable

With electric vehicles (EV) starting to come into their own (technology-wise) this is really the best time to purchase an electric vehicle. More than 330,000 electric vehicles were sold in the United States in 2019, compared to approximately 157,000 just three years earlier. Electric charging stations are beginning to pop up in more and more places and home chargers are reasonably affordable as well. Additionally, the range that an EV can travel on a single charge has increased over the years to the point where many models exceed 250 miles on a single charge. Tesla, in fact, has several models that they claim can travel well over 300 miles without needing a charge.

Electric vehicles are clearly the wave of the future, but that future has taken a little longer to arrive than some may have expected. That’s partly because of range limitations and a prior lack of on-the-run charging options. More importantly, the hold-up on the EV revolution may be due to the cost of purchasing an EV is often-times prohibitive. It is all well and good to be mentally ready to make the switch to an all-electric car, but when push comes to shove the (financial) bottom-line often rules the day when making a vehicle purchase. Though the cost of an electric vehicle has come more in line with their gasoline counterpart in recent years, EVs still cost more, plain and simple.

We have good news.

State, local and federal governments want you to switch over to electric vehicles. EVs are essential to achieve the U.S. Government’s renewable energy, air quality, and climate change goals. The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in the United States is from burning fossil fuels for electricity, heat, and transportation – with transportation making up the largest portion.

To help ease the burden of purchasing electric vehicles there are rebates available from the State of Connecticut, the U.S Government and from Groton Utilities. Below is a list of currently available rebates and links to appropriate websites to apply for them.


Receive up to $7,500 in federal tax credits for buying an Electric Vehicle

United States Department of Energy Federal Incentive Program


For a limited time Groton Utilities will issue a $2,000 rebate for an electric vehicle purchased by Groton Utilities and Bozrah Light & Power customers. Also available is a $1,000 rebate for an electric vehicle leased by Groton Utilities and Bozrah Light & Power customers. For more information, visit the Groton Utilities Electric Vehicle Rebate Program page on our website.

Additionally Groton Utilities has a $600 rebate available on the purchase of any wifi-enabled level 2 charger. Visit our Electric Vehicle Rebate Program page on our website for more information.


Receive up to a $5,000 rebate from the State of Connecticut for residents who purchase or lease a new eligible battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric or fuel cell electric vehicle.

CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection – EV Connecticut


Groton Utilities Electric Vehicle Charger Now Available in Washington Park

Groton Utilities and the City of Groton are excited to announce the “grand opening” of our first public–use electric vehicle charger. The charger is conveniently located at the corner of Meridian Street and Mitchell Street in Washington Park and is free for all to use.

Mayor, Director of Utilities and EV

(left to right) Mayor Keith Hedrick, Director of Utilities Ron Gaudet and IT Support Assistant Ryan Southwell

The charger, purchased by Groton Utilities and installed by the Operations Division, is a level 2 charger – meaning that it is much faster than a standard house charger. Level 2 chargers can fully charge an electric vehicle battery in as little as two hours, depending on the capacity of the battery.

The charger is conveniently located in Washington Park, so it is near the highway as well as many local businesses. Additionally it is an ideal location for those who want to charge their vehicle while they enjoy spending some quality time at the park.

“We are really excited to have this charger in the park – it’s an ideal location for people to drop by and enjoy the park while they charge up their car,” said Ron Gaudet, Director of Utilities. “Electric vehicles are the future – they’re coming – so it’s important to us at Groton Utilities to be able to provide this service to our local community”.

The electric charger in Washington Park is part of Groton Utilities Energy Conservation Program. Through this program GU encourages customers and the community to find different ways to save money, energy and the environment through rebates on energy efficiency-related purchases, including Electric Vehicles, EV chargers, Mini split heat pumps and attic insulation, among other things.

“As a publicly-owned utility Groton Utilities prioritizes helping out our customers and the community in general,” said Manager of Communications and Community Outreach Dan Bouges, “We want to do our part in helping make Groton the ideal location for people to live and work. By providing highly-competitive rates on electric, water and sewage services along with our community outreach efforts and now this charger in the park, we feel like we are getting closer to that goal.”

Increasingly electric vehicles are becoming an attractive alternative to standard gasoline powered vehicles. They are quiet, cheap to run, kind to the environment and they help lower our dependence on fossil fuels. Upwards to 80% of people drive less than 40 miles a day for their commute, and with more and more EV models having a single-charge range of more than 300 miles, it is increasingly possible to go through a week on a single charge. Electric vehicles still cost more than a standard car, but with an abundance of rebates available (including through GU) it is relatively easy to lower the purchase cost a substantial amount.

To speak to someone at Groton Utilities regarding our Energy Conservation program, including rebates and the EV charger, please call Customer Service at 860-446-4000.

Groton Utilities employees and Mayor

(left to right) Key Account General Manager Len Mediavilla, Electric Division Jason Potemski, Mayor Keith Hedrick, Director of Utilities Ron Gaudet, Leader Electrician Steve Schaub, General Manager Projects and Planning Bruce Kruszewski and and IT Support Assistant Ryan Southwell