Storm Preparation

house in a stormWith Tropical Storm Henri approaching there are certain things that everyone can do to be as prepared as possible should a storm hit the region.

Prepare for a Storm:

  • Have candles and flashlights available for emergency light, and a battery-operated radio for weather reports and other information. Make sure you have matches and fresh batteries, too.
  • Create an emergency kit with essential items such as food, water and communication devices. It should include non-perishable food, water bottles, medicine and supplies. There should be enough items to survive at least 72 hours.
  • Perform any maintenance on your generator (if you have one) and fuel up. Go soon to beat the rush.
  • If you see that a major storm is coming be sure to charge all your cellphones and tablets as well as any backup batteries you may have.
  • Please note: Customers with special medical problems such as having oxygen requirements should have a backup plan.
  • Make sure you have plenty of drinking water.

During an outage:

  • If your power suddenly shuts off, the main breaker in your electrical breaker box may have tripped. You can restore power simply by moving the switch to “off,” then back to the “on” position. Check your fuses, too, if you have them.
  • If your area is without power, or you see any downed wires, call Groton Utilities at (860) 446-4000. Call us if you see damage to electrical equipment, or anything out of the ordinary such as trees or branches on wires. Do not go near any wires. Downed wires can be very dangerous.
  • Keep refrigerators and freezers closed. Contents should be safe for at least 24 hours. Turn off your appliances. When power is restored, turn them back on gradually.
  • Don’t worry. We respond to outages as soon as it is safe and continue to work until all customers have power. Once you’ve called, please resist the temptation to call back. However, if your neighbors have their electricity back and you’re still out, you should call again. In the case of a full hurricane, your patience would certainly be most appreciated.

For more information see the State of Connecticut Guide to Emergency Preparation.


Municipal Building Reopening on September 8th

Municipal BuildingBeginning September 8, 2020 the City of Groton Municipal Building will be open to the public Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am – 3pm and by appointment at other times. The exception to this is the Building and Zoning Department, which is open only by appointment due to space limitations.

Groton Utilities Customer Service will be open during these times for cash payments, which must be of exact change. All other payment types need to be done either online through or by mail.

All visitors to City Offices must check in with the greeter located in the center of the Municipal Building lobby. The appropriate city official will then come out to assist.

All visitors to the building MUST wear a face mask. No mask, no entry.

If you have any questions about the reopening of the Municipal Building you may call the Mayor’s Office at 860-446-4103 or GU Customer Service at 860-446-4000.