Municipal Building Reopening on September 8th

Municipal BuildingBeginning September 8, 2020 the City of Groton Municipal Building will be open to the public Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am – 3pm and by appointment at other times. The exception to this is the Building and Zoning Department, which is open only by appointment due to space limitations.

Groton Utilities Customer Service will be open during these times for cash payments, which must be of exact change. All other payment types need to be done either online through or by mail.

All visitors to City Offices must check in with the greeter located in the center of the Municipal Building lobby. The appropriate city official will then come out to assist.

All visitors to the building MUST wear a face mask. No mask, no entry.

If you have any questions about the reopening of the Municipal Building you may call the Mayor’s Office at 860-446-4103 or GU Customer Service at 860-446-4000.


Flushing Stagnant Water Before Reopening Businesses

The Groton Utilities Water Division would like to make you aware of important information regarding the re-opening of facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether your business was completely or partially closed, there are steps you should take to ensure the quality of your water. As water sits for a period of time due to low or no usage the disinfectant within the water dissipates. This water quality degradation can become a serious issue.

The Connecticut Department of Public Health has published a guide on the procedure to clean water that may be compromised from low or no usage during the shutdown.

The Groton Utilities Water Division strongly recommends following this guideline for flushing stagnant water from your system in order to ensure the safety of your employees and/or customers.

For further information on water safety and flushing stagnant water see the resources below:

For questions or concerns call:

  • Steve Dietrich – Water Quality Manager – 860-446-4080
  • Water Meter and Service Department – 860-446-4077
  • Customer Service – 860-446-4000

Thank You,

Groton Utilities Water Division