Attic Insulation Rebate

Get a rebate of up to $2 (R-38) or $2.50 (R-49) per square foot for attic insulation if your home has electric heat and/or central air conditioning.

  • Single Family Home - up to $5,000
  • Condominium/Apartment - up to $2,000

Rebate applicable to both purchase of insulation AND installation cost.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Only residential electric customers of Groton Utilities and Bozrah Light and Power are eligible
  • Customer must have a Home Energy Savings (HES) inspection before installation
  • Insulation must be installed by a licensed contractor
  • One rebate per municipal electric utility account
  • Account must be paid in full and at a zero balance

Program Process:

  • Customer must have a Home Energy Savings (HES) inspection before installation. Contact Lantern Energy at 877-878-3006 to begin the process.
  • Qualifying equipment is installed.
  • Customer completes the Rebate Application on this page, attaching the below documentation.
    • Attach a copy of the installing contractor's invoice
    • Attach a copy of the contractors work order
    • Attach a copy of a recent electric bill
  • Choose to have rebate amount credited to customers Groton Utilities account, check to customer, or paid direct to contractor

Incomplete information may delay or disqualify your rebate. All rebates are granted at the sole discretion of Groton Utilities and are subject to change at any time.

Read more about the Resident Home Energy Savings (HES) Program.

Read - Rebate Terms And Conditions (PDF)

Printable Form (PDF)

Residential Attic Insulation Rebate

  1. HES Technician Information
  2. Please include material used, existing insulation R-Value, recommended R-Value, ventilation type and square footage.

  3. Rebate Payment Method
  4. Upload documentation listed in the Program Progress section above. Maximum of 5 documents. Maximum of 20MB combined documents size. Submissions over 20MB will not be processed. Scan documents rather than take a picture to minimize file size.

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