About Public Power

Groton Utilities is a publicly owned utility, meaning it is owned by the residents of the City of Groton and run by the city government. As opposed to privately owned utilities, publicly-owned utilities such as Groton Utilities are not profit-driven - rather their purpose is to provide the best quality services at the lowest possible rates the company can offer while remaining viable in the present and in the future.

Public power utilities are:

  • Not for profit
  • Community-owned
  • Locally controlled

One in seven Americans is served by a public power utility. More than 2,000 communities - in 49 states and 5 U.S. territories - have a public power utility.

As a whole, public power utilities have lower rates than other types of electric utilities.

  • Residential customers of public power utilities pay monthly bills that are on average 4% less than customers of investor-owned utilities, and 16% less than customers of cooperative utilities.
  • Groton Utilities customers pay on average 20% less on their monthly electric bill than do comparable customers served by local competitors in the area.

Public power utilities also deliver more reliable electric service.

  • Outside of major adverse events (e.g., storms), customers of a public power utility are likely to be without power for less time - 62 minutes a year, compared to 150 minutes a year for customers of private utilities.

Public power supports strong local economies. Annual electric revenue from sales for public power is approximately $60 billion.

Public power utilities invest this revenue back into their communities through:

  • Payments in lieu of taxes
  • Providing hometown jobs
  • Offering free or reduced-cost electric services
  • Supporting local causes and charities

Groton Utilities greatly values being able to give back to the local community. GU supports various local non-profits through sponsorships and fundraisers. Additionally, GU offers scholarships to students in both local high schools and also runs a grant program aimed at providing additional support to local non-profit entities. Furthermore, Groton Utilities co-sponsors the popular Concerts in the Park summer concert series at Washington Park as well as the Town of Groton Summer Soundwaves concert series at Esker Point Beach. The Groton City Brew Run (5K race plus local brewery brewfest) has proven to be a very popular local event, presented by Groton Utilities along with the Great Mystic Chamber of Commerce.

It is our goal to help make Groton a better place to live, work and play.

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