Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Groton Utilities Wastewater Treatment Facility was originally built in 1955. It was upgraded to secondary treatment in 1972 as part of the EPA Clean Water Act. There have been several more upgrades since that time in order to implement newer technologies. The facility treats an average flow of 2 (two) million gallons per day. There are approximately 36 miles of pipe to go along with 9 pump stations throughout the service territory bringing flow to the facility.

The facility and all its systems are continuously monitored by plant operators 365 days a year. All operators are licensed by the State of Connecticut. Groton Utilities' Wastewater Treatment Plant is rated as a Class IV, the highest grade for State standards. A staff of five operators and one Chief Plant Operator run the facility.

The wastewater treatment facility has received several awards from DEP and EPA for operations and maintenance, as well as Operator of the Year. The facility has also hosted students from a local technical school for summer internships several times over recent years.