Grant Program

Groton Utilities - Grants

Groton Utilities has established a program to allow non-profit organizations in the Greater Groton Community to apply for monetary grants. The purpose of the grant program is to enhance the quality of life as it relates to education, children, the military, health, and other areas of community life as designated by the City of Groton Utility Commission.

This program was established in the spirit of Groton Utilities' theme of "Giving back to the community." It is intended administratively to implement the donations section of Utility Commission Policy Number 1017 Requests for Donations and Sponsorships.

As stated in Policy Number 1017, Item Number 6, Marketing, advertising, and business attraction and retention expenditures are not considered donations or sponsorships for the purpose of this policy.

This program details the criteria, guidelines, deadlines, application process, and review process for prospective applicants.

Applicants must be a non-profit organization or provide proof of their 501 (c) 3 Federal Income Tax designation.

All organizations must be located in Groton Utilities Water and / or Electric Service Areas or directly serve residents in the Greater Groton Community.

There are two grant categories:

  • Requests up to $2,000
  • Requests over $2,000

Grant requests should be in one of the following major focus areas approved by the City of Groton Utility Commission:

  • Education
  • Children
  • Military
  • Health
  • Unspecified