Street Light Outages

Street lights are vital to our everyday lives, lighting the way for drivers and pedestrians. Groton Utilities has nearly 4,000 street lights in its service area, and we always appreciate your help identifying lights that are in need of repair. The sooner our Groton Utilities crews know the lights are out, the sooner we can get them fixed!

You can report street light outages to Groton Utilities by using the form, calling 860-446-4000 or by emailing the outage information.

Reporting a Street Light Outage

Please have the following information at the ready when you report a street light outage to Groton Utilities:

  • The pole number attached to the pole in question (as seen in this image - Number 10)
  • The name of the street where the pole is located
  • The issues that you are reporting
  • Whether the light is burned out, turns on and off repeatedly, is on 24 hours a day, has broken hardware, or some other problem
  • Your name, phone number and/or email for follow-up purposes